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SoHo Broadway Initiative

bringing together a diverse and dynamic community




Art Direction


ASK: Redesign the non-profit's website to provide a clear and consistent message to visitors and provide information and resources to the District's constituents.

CHALLENGE: SoHo Broadway Initiative serves sets of audience groups with very different interests, namely residents, employees and businesses operating within the District. The content should be organized in a meaningful and easily navigable hierarchy to best engage all of these audiences. At the same time, the site should represent the Initiative's brand as a Neighborhood Improvement District.

RESULT: The new website is a robust hub of information and resources. It enabled SBI staff to efficiently communicate with the District with announcements and event updates. Currently acting as a hub of neighborhood resources, it provides exposure to companies and organizations of the District. The new site jumpstarted SBI's content initiative resulting in increased brand awareness.


Currently there are 75 Business Improvement Districts operating in New York City. As non-profit advocates of their Districts, BIDs deliver services and improvements above and beyond those provided by the City. SoHo Broadway Initiative introduced a new role of a "Neighborhood Improvement District." This new term reflects their purpose and mission: the Initiative is there to serve not only the interests of the businesses and property owners, but those who live and work in the neighborhood.

How do we represent both the organization and the locals within a coherent, engaging context? Our solution was to communicate that the Initiative not only stands for but stands with the locals within one community. It was about shifting the perspective: that WE are not just this organization, WE are all of us who live and work here. To gather support and affinity among the local audience, we created a welcoming and helpful personality brought to life in a user-friendly site.


↑  We consolidated the menu to simplify the user journey. Our community always came first, leading with the resources and information that benefit the visitor. We incorporated the CTA in the menu to increase visibility. The menu also displays an engaging factoid about the District, randomized so that the visitor learns something new each time.


↓  Diverse faces make up the District - residents who live in historic cast-iron buildings, energetic startups in technology and media sectors, as well as cutting-edge retail businesses in fashion. We opted for modern illustrations to represent the people of the neighborhood. 


↑  Everyday scenes of the neighborhood - bike messengers, DSNY workers, postal workers, commuters, and shoppers. Abstract but friendly features were used so that the viewers could easily identify with the illustrated figures.