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OESTE means "west"




Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Art Direction


ASK: Launch a retail brand that offers dried botanical items, design home goods and objects. Design product packaging. Build a website that serves both wholesale and retail customers.

CHALLENGE: Oeste originally started as a wholesale retailer offering dried decorative botanical products to B2B customers (interior decorators, florists, event planners, etc). Client plans to expand the business to retail, offering carefully curated home and lifestyle products. The brand should capture the unique aesthetic of its offering while leaving ample space for growth and adaptation.

Photography credits to a.p. bio


Oeste means "west" in Spanish. It reflect the founder's Californian background and her South American heritage. The name also is a nod to the dry deserts in American west, where she gets her dried botanicals (desiccated branches and trees used for decorations). "West" also evokes the idea of a faraway place, a place that is exotic and unfamiliar. As her business grows, Client plans to offer imported artisanal design goods. We were tasked with creating an identity that balances the refined design aesthetic of her products as well as the mystical aura of the nature in the west.


↓  The key brand colors are inspired by the rust of the desert soil and the pink of the dusk sky. 


↑  Packaging design for a signature candle. The gold accent works as a refined contrast against the rough texture of colored cement.


Working collaboratively with the founder, we turned to art history for inspiration. Her design aesthetic references specific art historical movements, so it was important for the brand to have a consistent expression. The references include turn of the century design movements such as: Viennese Secession, Wiener Werkstätte, Art Nouveau, and the work of Margaret Macdonald & Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


Inspired by the fin de siècle artistic typography design, we came up with a custom typeface for Oeste. We added organic, outgrown shapes to the characters. The lifted O and ancient S act as a subtle nod to the vintage avant-garde. Shown are two application examples, each referencing a layout favored by the artists of the era.


Oeste is planning to expand as a home and lifestyle company. We felt the importance of including a visual reference to the interior design and space. We looked at what opens up a space - doors, windows, hallways, niches. Combining those shapes we create Oeste's logomark that evokes an opening. Beyond the open doors, outside the open windows - the west.