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Fahari Naturals

launching a personal care brand driven by honesty




Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Market Research
Art Direction


ASK: Launch a natural/organic personal care brand. Design product packaging. Build an E-commerce platform.

CHALLENGE: Natural and organic trend has spread among established mainstream products. Increased demand resulted in a fragmented market flooded with a deluge of products with natural claims. “Natural” became a marketing catchphrase while information on ingredient safety remains unclear, leaving consumers confused in a sea of million options.

RESULT: Within 2 years of brand launch, Fahari Naturals created a strong fan base mainly from enthusiastic word-of-mouth reputation. Their products has been picked up to distribute in Kenya and France. The brand generates consistent daily sales with minimum paid marketing. On 2018, Fahari Naturals were selected by the British Vogue's to be featured on the coveted Spring Beauty Edit.


Fahari Naturals is a result of its founder's passion. After suffering from server allergic reactions, Harriet Mugweru (founder) started to educate herself on personal care product ingredients and their impact. She discovered that may off-the-shelf products contained chemical irritants that were sensitizing and sometimes even harmful. Harriet decided to share what she know about ingredient safety. Fahari Naturals is a natural and organic personal care brand that was born out of this mission.

She came to LAPIS to launch the brand from scratch. We were thrilled to discover how genuine her philosophy was. Her products weren't about the amazing transformation, the next "It" ingredient or hype. Fahari Naturals promised honesty and ingredient transparency, while making it easier for everyone to choose safe and good products. The products were made for everybody (all genders, all ages) and every skin/hair type. 


↓  FAHARI means “magnificence” in Swahili, reflecting the founder's Kenyan heritage. The logotype and logomark both identify and symbolize the brand. They go well together (the way coffee and juice accompanies a breakfast) but they are not bound together in one specific lockup.  This flexibility is to ensure more free-form creative and communication.


↑  The logomark elegantly symbolizes nature (above us) and its gift (pure drawn essence). 
↓  The distinctive visual element is the bubbly, organic shapes that frame the information on the packaging. These shapes are clean, soft, look and feel safe and playful. Just like anything in nature, they form freely and interact. They are inspired by pebbles, snow, clouds, ponds, and dew drops.


↑  The organic bubble motif is a versatile way to parse information on the packaging (the name of a product, key claims, product descriptions, "made without" claims). By varying slightly the shape and the arrangements of the bubbles, each product looks unique while keeping the overall line look consistent.


↑  We built Fahari Natural's E-commerce platform on Shopify for easy international transactions. UX focuses on immersive experience using clean, full-bleed images that highlights the products. The products are styled with natural props that symbolizes the texture and feel of the products in the bottle (e.g. a clear glass bubble for shampoo, a soft hydrangea flower for body lotion)

If I had to do the process again, I wouldn’t do it with any other company!
— Harriet Mugweru, FOUNDER

"I started working with LAPIS in 2016 when I knew absolutely nothing about branding, messaging, positioning pretty much nothing about how to create an actual brand. Jin, the founder, was so patient with me and walked me through each step. Honestly without LAPIS, I would not have been able to launch a brand that has been able to garner recognition from British Vogue.

LAPIS advised us and pretty much made our brand come to life. Through each session, I would tell her my vision and she would create it for me in real life! I have recommended LAPIS numerous times and would recommend them time and time again. 

They're professional, an excellent communicator, reliable and has truly been an asset in creating our brand. Fahari Naturals looks the way it does because Jin is extremely talented at what they do & if I had to the process again, I wouldn’t do it with any other company! LAPIS has truly been a blessing for us."


↑  Fahari Natural's Unity Oil shown on the right, from Vogue's Beauty Edit (May 2018)