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The best brands are felt, experienced, and remembered. We are creatives & strategists who will help you get there.




LAPIS (Lapis Brand Design LLC) is a one-stop destination for entrepreneurial/small business organizations that are looking to create a distinctive, bespoke identity. 

We are about cutting through the noise and seeing through the challenge. With clear strategy and transparent processes, we help our clients establish brands that elevate their businesses.




We are a branding and strategy shop based in NYC. We create branding solutions and creative communication based on business and human insights. We are a diverse group of passionate talents, who are equipped with artisanal spirit and strategic mind. But most importantly, we are here because we enjoy what we do.


HAVE (NO) agency issues, WILL TRAVEL

We're agency 2.0 - we're creatives and strategists who got together to do what corporate agency can't do well: to serve entrepreneurs. We deliver real value and results with fewer processes and less overhead. We chose this path to do great work with less obstacles, to better help remarkable people and organizations we believe in.


with us it's a journey, not a process.

With us, you’ll work with creative companions who share your goals, not an account manager assigned to your case. We will build relationships, not burn reports. We are transparent. We are nimble and with little baggage.

Above all that, we care about providing the best experience possible, both for your customers and for your team - we’ll have a great time.




LAPIS comes from Lapis Lazuli, a stone prized since antiquity for its intense blue color.

The stone was ground into fine powder and made into ultramarine, a rare pigment of striking blue. The name comes from the Latin ultramarinus, meaning "beyond the sea" - because lapis lazuli was always imported into Europe through Asia, from Afghanistan. Renaissance painters reserved this blue to paint sacred, central figures.

The story shows how a color came to represent something much bigger than itself. The blue of lapis stood for dignity, prestige, and fantasy about a place far away. It is an example of what branding can achieve: something as simple as a color can conjure up remarkable feelings and ideas...

 Lapis lazuli was used to paint the model's headwrap in  Girl with a Pearl Earring

Lapis lazuli was used to paint the model's headwrap in Girl with a Pearl Earring